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Since 1958, Davis Boat Works, now doing business as Fairlead Boatworks, has been a premier east coast marine vessel repair facility providing invaluable services to commercial and military organizations. It is our mission to satisfy the needs of our customers with the highest standards in quality of work and business practices. We will conduct our business with integrity, responsibility, and the utmost regard for employee safety.

We are proactive in adhering to Federal, State and Local requirements as pertaining to the safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment. We strive to improve our environmental processes and procedures with a goal of setting the highest standard for any ship repair facility in the state.



As a prime contractor for the U.S. Navy and Army IDIQ contracts, we have conducted various work packages including complete overhauls and proto-type installations on various vessels including LCUs, LCMs, MK Vs, MK IIIs, LCACs, Sea Mules, Patrol Boats, Work Boats, Push Boats, Barrier Boats, Riverine Boats, Personnel Boats, RIBs, RHIBs, STs, SLWTs, INLSs, BMs, IMs, CFPMs, WTs, YCs, YFNs, YRBMs, BCs, BGs, and BD cranes.



Commercial customers depend on Fairlead Boatworks for all of their repair and servicing needs from quick emergent repairs to complete vessel overhauls. These vessels include fishing trawlers, tug boats, barges and other larger commercial vessels of various types.


Fairlead Boatworks, provides on-site as well as off-site services to commercial and the military organizations. We perform all phases of mechanical and structural repairs. With over 800 feet of bulkhead space and 5 acres of vessel block area, we have ample room to repair your vessel.

We offer all types of marine repair, upgrades, and conversions. Whatever your particular needs are, whether maintenance and upgrades, a comprehensive conversion, or emergency repair, you can rest assured that we are uniquely equipped to handle your specific job.

We are dedicated to quality work and an realistic and accurate delivery time – every time!

Zodiac Milpro+

Fairlead Boatworks, has been provides sales and service for all Zodiac Milpro boats and is the only service center and distributor for the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Our customers include the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force and the US Coast Guard, as well as State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Fighters and First Responders.

Achilles Sales and Services+

Fairlead Boatworks, is provides sales and service for all Achilles Inflatable Boats for the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

Marine Travel Lift+

Fairlead Boatworks, maintains a 250-ton marine travel lift on-site which is capable of lifting vessels of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Our site is situated on over four acres of industrial property which provides us ample room to maneuver vessels. Our marine travel lift is one of the few commercial travel lifts of this size in the world. The maximum length vessels that can be lifted is 135' and the maximum width is 35'. This allows us to lift a wide variety of both commercial and government vessels.

Vessel Coating+

Fairlead Boatworks, is a certified applicator of SeaCoat Technology's "Sea-Speed" undercoating. Sea-Speed is the latest evolution in non-toxic foul release type bottom paint for all types vessels. A revolutionary hard film fluorinated silicone system that is impermeable, non – depleting, durable. The product can be applied as a one or two coat system on new construction or for maintenance. It provides anti-corrosive protection, seals in TBT or other toxic paints and provides a long life slick fuel efficient bottom coating system that can be underwater scrubbed without environmental concerns.

Preservation Building+

Fairlead Boatworks, possesses a DEQ-permitted (Department of Environmental Quality) Preservation Building located on-site. This preservation building now provides us with a complete enclosed worksite capable of accommodating multiple small vessels simultaneously as well as larger vessels up to 150 feet long. The building is 150 feet long, 65 feet wide, and 60 feet in height.

Vessel Conversions+

Many vessels can be and are converted from their original design and use. This is especially true with used government vessels. Many of these vessels are sold to other government agencies, marine research groups, and also the public. Fairlead Boatworks has the expertise, skill and know how for converting your vessel.

Offsite Services+

Fairlead Boatworks, ship repair and alteration services also include on-site mobilization for most jobs. Our off-site team includes experienced tradesmen in the maritime ship repair industry who are very capable and dependable. We have a long history of performing off-site ship repair and alteration work both domestically and globally. Our off-site teams have traveled to sites around the world including Asia, South America, Europe, and Puerto Rico as well as many port cities around the United States. Our customers include both commercial and government vessels of various sizes and types.



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