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Our mission is to develop and deploy energy technology to reduce the massive fuel demands on the battlefield. We develop innovative power equipment products for military operations.  Our products integrate advanced energy storage and power conversion technologies to hybridize military and commercial generators, optimizing system performance, reliability, and efficiency.



Expeditionary forces need fuel to fight. But less than 20% of the fuel consumed on the battlefield is used in combat vehicles – the rest is consumed by logistics vehicles and fossil fuel power generators. Transporting fuel to and around the battlefield diverts combat resources and puts soldiers and Marines at risk unnecessarily.



Earl Energy leverages Fairlead Integrated’s 25 years of experience in marine design, engineering, and shipboard capital improvements to deliver innovative and proven power systems and energy management solutions to U.S. Navy and commercial customers. FlexGen® is an energy management system that integrates with existing marine generators to maximize power output by storing excess power in a proprietary energy storage system. The system dramatically reduces fuel consumption, emissions, noise, vibration, maintenance and generator replacement costs.



U.S. military sites and critical national security missions are increasingly vulnerable to disruptions, outages and attacks on energy supplies. Fairlead provides renewable energy systems and secure microgrids to protect forward-deployed military facilities from those vulnerabilities.


FlexGen Mobile Microgrids+

Fairlead’s revolutionary Solider & Marine Portable FlexGen® Mobile Microgrid provides our service members reliable, efficient, and mobile power on the battlefield. Our systems tie into any existing military generator in effect hybridizing that system using advanced energy storage and power conversion providing substantial reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance, and emissions.

FlexGen Spot Generation Mobile Microgrids+

Fairlead’s Spot Generation FlexGen® Mobile Microgrids integrate energy storage, renewables, and advanced power conversion with diesel generators, dramatically reducing fuel consumption, emissions, maintenance, noise, and vibrations while increasing generator lifecycles by up to five times and maintaining 100% power reliability.

FlexGen Multi-Generator Mobile Microgrids+

FlexGen® Multi-Generator Mobile Microgrid products are mobile, scalable, multi-generator microgrids that integrate high-performance energy storage, generator controls, and power distribution to hybridize the full inventory of military generators. The FlexGen® Multi-Generator Microgrid monitors power requirements and automatically turns generators on and off based on the power needed.

Silicon Carbide Power Converters+

Fairlead builds customized, modular high efficiency DC/DC and/or DC/AC power conversion products. This technology enables high power charge and discharge profiles for our products with low losses and provides tailorable frequency and voltage outputs to customer loads.


Intelligent Power

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