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Fairlead is a veteran-owned small business supplier of integrated electrical and control systems, large-scale mechanical fabrications and structures, precision machined metal components and subsystems, and advanced mobile containerized products.

Fairlead’s products are part of mission critical systems in the U.S. Navy’s Nimitz and Ford-class aircraft carriers, Virginia and Columbia-class submarines, all classes of surface combatants and amphibious ships including Arleigh Burke Class DDGs, San Antonio Class LPDs, LHA-8, the Littoral Combat Ship class, and many classes of support and Auxiliary ships of the Military Sealift Command, the Maritime Administration, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Additionally, Fairlead provides repair and maintenance services to vessels, small boats and craft through its ship repair facility in Newport News, Virginia. Fairlead provides Down River services to the U.S. Navy and Auxiliary Fleet world-wide. Fairlead is headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia with other facilities in Portsmouth and Newport News.

About Our Capabilities


Fairlead designs, builds and qualifies integrated electro/mechanical products and subsystems for military and industrial applications. Fairlead provides superior machining, fabrication and assembly capabilities.

Ship Repair

Fairlead is a premier east coast marine vessel repair facility providing invaluable services to both commercial and military organizations.


Fairlead fabricates, assembles and preserves large mechanical structures in support of Aircraft Carrier and Submarine construction.