Fairlead Precision Manufacturing & Integration (FPMI) provides government and industry with superior machining, fabrication, and advanced mobile solutions that are both high quality and cost effective. With over 25 years of experience, FPMI is an industry leader in the performance of complex manufacturing and systems integration programs.

We specialize in the design and fabrication of large structures, fixturing and tooling, complex weldments, containerization and custom metalwork using FPMI-initiated innovative concepts and designs, facilitated with 3D CAD/CAM modeling technology and equipment. Our ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100C certified processes ensure the delivery of consistent high quality parts, machined tools and equipment, and custom container integration and outfitting, regardless of size or complexity of project. We are confident in the ability of our highly skilled and experienced team to find the right solution for you.



FPMI specializes in both “one off” jobs and higher volume production runs with fabrication capabilities ranging from sheet metal to large complex weldments. With everything from prototyping to high volume production, Fairlead is a proven solution provider when it comes to specialty fabrication projects.


Integration and Outfitting

FPMI has supported many major industrial and US Government customers with Advanced Mobile Solutions that are geared to support key programs in a cost efficient and effective manner. Our skilled design engineering staff provides innovative and high quality solutions to meet all of your product’s requirements and specifications, and our integration and outfitting team ensures that no detail is overlooked during the production process.


Large Structures+

FPMI is an expert in the design and fabrication of large structures and enclosures. We have the ability to process a variety of large materials, with sizes ranging up to 8 inches thick and up to 40 feet long, utilizing our large vertical and horizontal milling machines, water jet, and laser technology equipment. No matter the size or complexity of the project, FPMI has the ability to provide high quality, cost effective structures and enclosures to suit every need.

Fixturing and Tooling+

FPMI operates a large array of CNC machining centers and wire EDM / CMM equipment for precise production results. This equipment, along with our robot and laser technology equipment, supports high tolerance manufacturing and the ability to process a wide variety of material types, sizes, and requirements. FPMI also has a strong history with designing, developing, and fabricating custom fixturing and tooling to meet part requirements and increase project efficiencies.

Complex Weldments+

FPMI’s top-of-the-line equipment and highly skilled staff makes it easy to achieve high quality and cost effectiveness when manufacturing complex weldments. Providing everything from prototyping to high volume production, our established, time-proven process for designing, machining, fabricating, and integrating the most complex of parts ensures that your product will always be delivered exceeding your expectations.


FPMI specializes in Advanced Mobile Solutions that integrate sensitive equipment, tools and supplies into a standard or custom ruggedized container suitable for shipping and field use in an operational forward theatre. Current and past efforts include littoral combat ship mission modules, mission support systems, battlefield damage repair, and fielded energy systems. We have a proven track record when it comes to the design and development of containerized products, and are experts at integrating each container to fit your custom needs.

Custom Metalwork+

FPMI’s manufacturing capability includes a highly automated, mass production, specialty sheet metal operation that produces complex and high tolerance structures, superior quality consoles, ventilation systems and other specialty items. Our top-of-the-line equipment paired with our highly skilled and experienced team provides unmatched speed, repeatability and accuracy throughout the entire production process.

Blasting and Coating Applications+

FPMI’s professional coating operation includes a five-stage automatic spray washer and Powder Coating System. The division’s automated operation is an EPA-approved paint booth and drying oven served by a conveyor system for the efficient painting of fabricated parts.




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